Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource

The Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR®) certification is for REALTORS® who have honed the skills that will allow them to help buyers and sellers of distressed properties.

Natalia Blackie has been certified as a Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR®) in the state of Colorado. She can help with discussing the options available to distressed borrowers/sellers, including refinancing, lender workout, selling and bringing cash to closing, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, and foreclosure.

Typically, if homeowners need to sell, they may need to sell short, which underscores the ongoing demand for real estate professionals who know how to successfully navigate short-sale transactions.

Defining Distressed Properties

Distressed properties are those that are available for sale because of financial hardship on the part of the current or previous owner. They are generally referred to as:

Short Sale.

A short sale occurs when (1) a homeowner sells their home; (2) the proceeds of the sale are not be sufficient to pay off the mortgage liens; and (3) the seller does not have the funds to bring to closing. A successful short sale transaction includes ALL lien holders accepting less than what is owed to them.


Real Estate Owned, or REO for short, describes property that the bank comes to own because the borrower defaulted or could not financially afford to remain in the property and efforts to sell the property, either at the short sale stage or at the foreclosure sale, were unsuccessful.

Determining whether or not there is adequate time to complete a Short Sale

Prior to taking a listing we should determine whether or not you have enough time to get the short sale done. Verifying with the borrower/seller whether a notice of default (NOD) has been issued and/or a foreclosure sale date has been set will give us the time parameters you need to effectively meet your needs. As discussed earlier, foreclosure timelines vary from state to state. There is no hard and fast rule as to how much time is enough time.

Please contact Natalia Blackie, Realtor®, and Short Sale & Resource Certified (SFR®) today for a confidential consultation to see if we can help.