Through the buyer’s eyes
Through the buyer’s eyes

Through the Buyer’s Eyes

When selling your house, try to look at your house as a potential buyer would. Think about what originally compelled you to buy the house in the first place, and look for those cues to leverage potential buyers. Treat every showing as you would when entertaining guests — while it’s cumbersome to maintain that level of living while waiting for an offer to be made, it could drastically affect the way a potential buyer views your house as their next home. Here are a few tips to make note of for showings:

-Open drapes and shades and turn on all lights to make your house look light and bright; open windows to freshen rooms.
-Set a comfortable temperature; cool in summer, warm in winter.
-Turn off the television; play soft background music.
-Keep pets out of the way; make sure all pet areas including any litter boxes are clean and free of odor; use air freshener if necessary.

Added touches
-Prepare tables with flowers and place settings; set out game or coffee table book.
-Start a fire in your fireplace on a chilly day.
-Create a pleasant aroma with fresh baked cookies or bread.

Best practices for showings
-Secure jewelry, cash, prescriptions medications and other valuables.
-It is usually best to leave the house during the showing. If you have to be home, don’t follow the sales associate around; they know their buyer and can best emphasize the most fitting features of your home.
-Save all business cards of sales associates who show the house. If people who are not accompanied by an agent ask to see your property please refer them to us; we will pre-screen them.
-Don’t discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with buyers. Refer them to us. We are better able to bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion as intermediary to third parties.

Follow these steps for your house to look its best for broker previews, buyer showings and open houses. Home enhancements can more than pay for themselves in stronger offers from buyers. Remember; look at your house through the buyers’ eyes.


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