The Do’s and Dont’s of Pre-sale Updating
The Do’s and Dont’s of Pre-sale Updating

The Do’s and Dont’s of Pre-sale Updating

“Never be the last homeowner in your neighborhood to renovate”! Many buyers know that the key to a quick sale is to be on par with surrounding properties, but not to completely surpass them. So, when updating before a sale, keep in mind the following “do’s and dont’s”.

Don’t add in superfluous luxuries like a home-office or master suite. They may look appealing to you, but your buyer may see them as over-the-top.

Don’t go overboard with the extras. You may need to revamp your kitchen, but you probably don’t need to choose the highest-end cabinetry or appliances. Most buyers won’t fully appreciate these luxurious details, costing you money in the sale.

Don’t go crazy on the yard. You might think a new patio or deck will be a huge selling point, but it may not be. Be sure to keep up with your landscaping so that it looks enticing, but don’t sink tons of cash into large-scale improvements.

Do turn that extra attic space into an extra bedroom. If it doesn’t cost too much to insulate and revamp your extra attic space, consider turning it into an extra bedroom. This will appeal to buyers with large families, or who plan on having out-of-town guests and find an extra bedroom an asset.

Do redo your bathroom, but aim for mid-range updates. Similar to the kitchen renovation, while most buyers will appreciate a nice tub or walk-in shower, adding that whirl-pool spa or Jack & Jill sink set-up is not a necessity, and can seem overboard to some.

Do update your siding. New siding on your home can really add sparkle to its appearance. As exteriors are often neglected, giving the outside of your house a little TLC can help it shine during selling.

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